Fire Country season 2 episode 5: The Bode, Gabriela dilemma

Fire Country season 2
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While we may have to wait until April rolls around to see Fire Country season 2 episode 5, do you really think that will stop us from discussing the story? Hardly. There is, after all, so much for us to actively think about here, and it includes what is happening when it comes to Bode and Gabriela’s future.

If you saw the end of episode 4, then you know already that Max Thieriot’s character will be in danger after an ambulance crash in the woods. The same can be said for Gabriela’s fiance Diego — who was actually the driver at the time of said accident. In the preview for what is to come, it is actually Bode’s name we hear Gabriela call — that may be indicative of the situation to come, or it could just be the promo teasing us. It’s hard to say.

What is more interesting here is what comes out of this situation, assuming that Bode (of course) survives. It is pretty easy to argue that Diego might die as a result of this crash and that this is the move that allows Gabriela to grow close to her ex again. However, is this really the right story to tell? An implication here could be that she is choosing Bode again just because Diego is dead — that may not be the truth again, but there are some who may read into that implication.

Now, let’s get into something that could be a big more interesting — the idea that seeing Bode in danger on multiple occasions is causing her to reevaluate her feelings. Could it cause her to realize that she still cares for him in a way that she did not quite realize? You could argue that she does even realize it, and that is why she had instructed Jake and everyone else at the start of the season to not come to her with issues pertaining to him. She loves him, but also realizes that he pushed her away. What is she supposed to after something like that?

Not to use a phrase here that is commonly uttered on shows like The Bachelor, but let’s cross our fingers and hope that there can at least be a certain measure of clarity as we move forward for these characters.

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