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Power Book IV: Force season 2
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We’re happy to know at this point that a Power Book IV: Force season 3 is coming to Starz. With that being said, could it be the end of the story?

If you do find yourselves suddenly concerned about this idea, let’s just say that we do understand. Just think for a moment about recent headlines! We learned a few days back that Power Book II: Ghost is going to end with season 4. Not only that, but Starz in general is looking increasingly interested in not going past four seasons for most of their shows these days. Why? It has a lot to do with the increased cost of paying performers as you get further and further into a run. (Consider Outlander at this point to be the exception rather than the rule.)

This now brings us back to Power Book IV: Force, which is coming off of a much-improved season 2. In theory, it feels like there could be at least one more season for Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan beyond the upcoming one, but the possibility of an ending is something that we do need to have on our radar at this point.

Whenever this show does end, it may actually have a little bit more weight attached to it than almost any other series in the franchise at this point. While Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq has been a staple of the series since the start, Tommy was Ghost’s right-hand man. He’s been an integral part of the operation since the early days and honestly, the idea of him not being around for us to watch in the present is quite jarring.

Whenever Power Book IV: Force does eventually end, hopefully it won’t conclude with Tommy’s death. Then again, this is a world where Power heaven is pretty darn crowded. It’s hard to know just who is going to turn up there next.

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