Power Book IV: Force season 3 premiere date: March 2024 update

Power Book IV: Force season 2
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With us know into March 2024, what more can we say when it comes to Power Book IV: Force season 3 over on Starz? First and foremost, why not celebrate that production is underway?

Given how the Joseph Sikora series ended its third season this past year, we wouldn’t blame anyone who is chomping at the bit now for something more. Mireya’s future remains to be seen after that ominous call from Miguel; also, does anyone else feel as though Claudia Flynn is somehow still going to find a way to survive? It sounds crazy, but we still think it may be true since we’ve never seen any confirmation that Lili Simmons is exiting.

It would be great, of course, to get some more news on when Force season 3 could be premiering this month. However, at the same time it feels unlikely. Just remember for a moment here that season 2 wrapped up not that long ago, production just started, and we also tend to think there is another show in the franchise that is going to premiere first in Power Book II: Ghost.

If we had to come out here and give some sort of approximation as to what Starz is looking to do, it goes a little something like this — Ghost will premiere on the network at some point in late spring / early summer, which will then set the stage for Tommy Egan’s return in either the fall or early winter. Typically with Starz we see breaks of around 14-16 months between the start of one season and the start of the next, and that would lend itself to Force returning around November / December.

At the end of the day, though, remember that Starz can do whatever they want when it comes to premiering a show, even after filming is completed. We don’t think you can draw any huge assumptions on anything right now.

Instead, let’s just cross our fingers that we get some more news regarding production or guest stars between now and March 31.

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