FROM season 3 premiere date: Is late summer possible at MGM+?

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When in the world is FROM season 3 going to premiere at MGM+? This is a question so many of us want an answer to, and for good reason!

Consider this — last year, we had a chance to dive into the second season starting in the spring. It would be great to see Harold Perrineau and the rest of the cast back in April or May, but that feels like a pipe dream. Production for these episodes was delayed amidst the industry strikes of last year and while everyone is deep in the process right now, there is work to be done! Even after filming is wrapped, we do tend to think that there is a certain amount of post-production that needs to be done after the fact.

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For the latter reason, we are somewhat hesitant to say that a start date early this summer could happen. With that being said, is there a chance at August or September? Let’s just say that for now, we would not rule that out. It does benefit MGM+ to get this show out there as early as possible — it is one of their biggest success stories, and they can use it to promote other properties! Also, given all of the mysteries and question marks at the core of this story, it does feel like a situation here where the longer you wait, the harder it will be for some viewers to remember everything.

The best-case scenario in our mind

We do get a chance to see FROM season 3 in late summer and beyond that, there’s a return date announcement a couple of months in advance. That will enable viewers to get a little more hooked on the story!

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What do you most want to see moving into FROM season 3 over at MGM+?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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