Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Teddy Altman?

Grey's Anatomy season 19
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Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy, and did Dr. Teddy Altman actually survive the big season 19 finale cliffhanger? These were the questions that led to a lot of questions over the course of the past several hours, and we were certainly eager to get an answer.

Now, the first thing that we should say here is simple: During the long break between seasons, there was word that Raver had struck a new deal to return to the medical drama. We thought that this was clear evidence that Teddy would survive, but at the same time, you could create an argument that there was some elaborate smoke-screen being put into place here to make us think that she was coming back when she wasn’t.

We just think that personally, there is still a lot of story left to tell when it comes to Teddy over this season and beyond. Just remember a few different things here! We are talking about a character who has gone through so much with Owen in particular and at some point, should we see them actually have an element of happiness? Yes, we understand that nobody is that happy in this world for a long period of time, but it’d be nice to at least see someone happy for a little bit…

Given how this is a short season, we certainly did not expect the premiere to wait long before giving us answers…

So, what happened here?

Well, it was good news, even though it happened in classic Grey’s Anatomy fashion. There was a moment where Teddy’s fate was a little touch-and-go and yet, she was able to pull through. Winston was able to successfully operate on her and while she didn’t wake up until the end, there is no reason to think that this is going to fall apart now.

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