Chicago Fire season 12 episode 8 spoilers: Boden’s rival

Chicago Fire season 12
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One week from Wednesday, you will get a chance to dive into Chicago Fire season 12 episode 8 on NBC. What is coming up in that?

Well, let’s just go ahead and say that one of the time-honored traditions within this franchise is getting a chance to see Firehouse 51 face off against some inter-departmental threats. There are some bad eggs within the CFD — also, there are people who just have some philosophical differences here and there. When it comes to this show right now, we have come to just be prepared for almost anything.

If you are interested in getting more details now all about what’s ahead, and how this particular “threat” will be tied to Boden, check out the Chicago Fire season 12 episode 8 synopsis:

03/27/2024 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday)    : A hazmat call at a dialysis center leads to a shocking discovery. Boden clashes with Paramedic Chief Robinson. Carver notices a concerning change in Gibson’s behavior.

So what is going on with Gibson? Well, we tend to think that a lot may just be tied here to the fact that he’s new to Firehouse 51 and there are still many secrets that come with that. Carver just feels like the right person to interact with him, largely due to the fact that he’s been a newcomer to the firehouse recently and understand what it is like to go through that struggle. It is not easy — that much is abundantly clear at this point.

Of course, we also tend to think that Violet adapting to Brett’s exit will still loom large in this episode — even if she still has another installment to start to handle this transition to a certain degree.

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What are you most excited to see heading into Chicago Fire season 12 episode 8 on NBC?

Is there any one storyline that stands out to you the most? Share some of your thoughts in the comments! Once you do just that, keep coming back — that’s a great way to ensure you do not miss anything else.

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