The Bachelor episode 10 spoilers: Aftermath of Kelsey’s letter

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As we prepare ourselves to see The Bachelor episode 10 on ABC next week, we are going to see the other side of the Kelsey – letter saga. She wrote it, thinking that there were things that she needs to say to Joey before the next rose ceremony. She absolutely needs to talk with him.

So what is going to happen as a result of all this? Let’s keep things rather simple: We honestly think the show may be blowing this up to be more than it actually is. It certainly feels possible that Kelsey, especially after her chat with Leslie, is just feeling insecure about where she stands and she wants to lay all of her feelings out there on the table. This may have also been production encouraging this, as they might have realized that they needed some sort of big moment in and otherwise drama-free final three.

The larger story that the producers may be trying to tell with the letter here is honestly quite simple, and it has a lot to do with Joey and his own insecurities. This is someone who had his heart broken by Charity and it seems, at least for now, like one of his biggest fears is the idea that someone else may not chose him down the road. This could inform quite a few decisions that he makes as we move forward on the show but in the end, we don’t think he will be defined by his fears. Instead, our feeling more is that the end of the season is going to be about him following his heart and going all-in, regardless of what happens on the other side.

Based on the end of the promo tonight, there is going to be something that Joey believes has never happened before … but whether or not that’s true is to be determined.

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