Survivor 46 episode 3 sneak peek: Venus wants Hunter out

Survivor 46
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The closer that we get to Survivor 46 episode 3 airing on CBS this Wednesday, the more interesting Venus’ position remains. She is one of those classic players who is either going to be gone in the immediate future, or will make it extremely far down the road. There’s not really much in the way of middle ground here.

Why do the players on her tribe want her out? Well, she’s on the bottom in terms of the numbers and for now, it does not appear as though there is a lot of trust that she’s built up.

If you do head over to the official YouTube Channel for the show, you can see a series of sneak peeks that strongly indicate that Venus does have a target for who she wants to go after right now: Hunter. Why? She recognizes that he is one of those players who you see every single season on the show. Think along the lines of someone who is a “provider,” and uses that to get in good socially with a lot of the other people who are a part of the tribe. It is an easy win for him to operate from there, and it seems like she is ready to try and do something in order to bring about some change in the game.

Now, Venus may be right in that Tevin and Hunter have a lot of control in the game right now, but there is also an inherent risk that comes with taking out one of your stronger physical players. Could it hurt you in challenges? It’s at least possible. With that being said, this is also something where you may not get another opportunity to take them out for a long time.

Personally, we think the most likely situation to transpire here is that the Nami tribe does not lose for a while, which leads to a swap and/or Venus finding other allies elsewhere.

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