Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Medical boards & malpractice

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Photo: HBO

The latest Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episode arrived late on HBO, a good while after the Oscars aired.

So, what did the show manage to bring to the table tonight? Let’s just say that main segment here was about, once again, an important subject that not a lot of people are talking about. In particular here, we are talking here about medical errors, bad doctors, and also what happens when malpractice happens.

At first, it felt like this segment was a little unfocused, bouncing between a number of different topics without getting to the main focus. So, where did we eventually land? Think along the lines here of medical boards. This is something that is fiercely important, but also something that can be incredibly underfunded in certain states. There are some investigations that last for several years, another sign that there is simply not enough people to take a serious look at these.

Is this the sort of segment that will light the world on fire? Hardly, but there was still some worthy substance here. We had a chance to learn about dysfunctional practices, how some doctors can just move elsewhere and continue to be bad actors, and that there is someone actually making TikTok routines right in the middle of surgery. It goes without saying, but there is a lot more to this profession than we ever knew before … and a number of the results here are pretty darn shocking.

As for what else we had in this episode…

Much of the opening was spent on Mark Robinson, a controversial lieutenant governor of North Carolina. It felt as though he could have easily had his own segment with a lot of his viewpoints on Dr. King, among many other things.

All in all, there was a lot of content here! It’s a shame that a lot of people won’t get to see it on YouTube until later in the week.

What did you think about the March 10 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

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