Survivor 46 episode 2: Jess Chong voted out after crazy Tribal

Survivor 46
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Survivor 46 episode 2 proved to be incredibly entertaining … but probably not so much for the members of the Yanu tribe. For the second straight week they lost immunity, and it came at a time when Jess was already reeling on the bottom of the tribe.

Unfortunately, what we saw tonight was a situation where people wanted her out of the game badly enough that they were willing to plant fake idols for her! What’s interesting, though, about how modern Survivor is played is that people are thinking about a million different scenarios are almost constantly being thought about. This is where Q came into play. He wanted Kenzie and Tiffany to think that he was with them; however, at the same time he was working with Jess. Yet, he was not really working with Jess. He sold her on a fake idol as a way to ensure that Jess would trust him.

The biggest takeaway that we got from watching this whole procedure play out, though, was rather simple: Tiff and Kenzie were aggressively arrogant. They claimed that Bhanu and Jess were these terrible players who were running around doing nothing. They weren’t. They were smart, but also a little bit desperate. Q wanted to make a move happen, but he needed Tiff on board. He was the person who really could make something happen tonight and there were two different ways he could go.

What was the right move? It was hard since really, giving Jess a fake idol and then claiming it was real was a bad move. Even if she stayed, she wouldn’t trust him so much anymore!

Tribal Council chaos

What a messy series of events this was. Kenzie made it abundantly clear that she didn’t want to talk to Jess about the game — making it clear that she was in jeopardy. Then, Bhanu talked out of all sides of his mouth and made a massive mess of things.

Still, Jess was voted out and it was disappointing — she and Bhanu could’ve been the most chaotic final two ever.

What did you think about the events of Survivor 46 episode 2?

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