Why did Oliver Hudson leave The Cleaning Lady, season 3?

The Cleaning Lady season 3
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Why did Oliver Hudson leave The Cleaning Lady prior to the start of season 3? If you watch tonight’s premiere, we understand if you miss Garrett. Why wouldn’t you? The goal with a show like this is that you do get attached to a lot of these characters!

However, the reality with a show like this remains simple: Thony lives in a crazy world where things change left and right. The producers really want to establish a larger universe where there is a sense of peril and not many places for Thony to turn. With all of this in mind, it does seem as thought Hudson’s exit / Garrett’s shocking death was devised for creative reasons more so than just the actor’s desire to leave.

In speaking to Deadline about Hudson’s exit after last season, here is what executive producer Miranda Kwok had to say:

“We absolutely love Oliver. He’s been such a supporter of the show, and I think that’s also part of that decision is that it would be so heartbreaking, so devastating to lose one of our leads. [It’s about] the importance of showing not only the unpredictability, but the consequences [of Thony’s actions]. Thony is a character who is always the smartest person in every room. She’s so resourceful. She’s got all the chess pieces moving, and [Garrett’s death] really shows her that she can’t control everything all the time. She isn’t in control, and that she’s going to make mistakes. Thony, for the past two seasons, has been on this tightrope of morality between the law and the criminal world and trying to navigate both. She’s always wavering in that and finally made these decisions that did not work out for Fiona or for Garrett.”

Of course, whenever one actor leaves a show, new faces pop in. There are going to be new stakes and challenges moving into the third season, and it will be fun watching the writers explore some of these dynamics.

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How do you think The Cleaning Lady season 3 is going to function overall without Garrett around?

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