Death and Other Details season 1 finale: Is Kira Scott Viktor Sams?

Death and Other Details season 1
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We knew in advance of tonight’s Death and Other Details season 1 finale that there would be a huge reveal regarding Viktor Sams. However, did you anticipate that it would play out in the way that it did?

In some ways, it can be rather hard to analyze a lot of the jaw-droppers in the way in which we saw them, but let us begin with the fact that Imogene Scott’s mother Kira is, in fact, very much alive. Not only that, but she is the infamous Sams behind everything! It was a clever series of reveals that led to this big revelation, beginning with seeing a secret code unraveled and also with a quick sighting of her in the footage recorded by That Derek. As it turns out, she was on the ship before Interpol was ever called, and her presentation as Hilde was just a way to get close to the operation.

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So why do everything that she did here? Let’s just say that her motives were driven by revenge put into overdrive. She poisoned Lawrence Collier for years, and was responsible for what happened to several other victims on board. Most of them, in her mind, deserved it. However, with Keith Trubisky a.k.a. Danny, he was mostly a means to an end because he recognized her not being a listed part of the passengers on board.

How was Kira stopped?

Ultimately, by some more trickery on Imogene’s part. She earned her trust over time and from there, exploited that and set her up months after the fact. Some of her friends were able to snatch some of her equipment on board the Varuna without her knowledge, and once Kira continued to operate as Sams even after getting off the ship, Imogene made sure she was eventually stopped once and for all. This was certainly a clever, fun way for the story to wind down, and that’s without even mentioning that other dead body who surfaced.

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What did you think about this big reveal at the heart of the Death and Other Details season 1 finale?

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