1923 season 2: Is it locked in at eight episodes?

1923 season 1
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We are absolutely thrilled to know that 1923 season 2 is coming to Paramount+ — or, at least know that it is coming eventually!

If there is one thing that we do think still frustrates a lot of fans out there, though, it is simply this: The lack of information. We know that filming for the season was originally meant to start last summer, but that was delayed amidst all the industry strikes that were taking place. This leads us now to the next, rather-simple question: Is this show really locked in still at doing an eight-episode season?

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For now, let’s just frame things like this: The original plan for Paramount+ was for this to be the case. Eight episodes is getting increasingly standard for a lot of big-budget shows out there, and we know that 1923 fits that bill when you think about its big names and sweeping locations.

Is there a chance that this changes? In theory, sure. Just remember this: If there is any person out there who has the sort of cloud to openly negotiate episode counts with their content provider, it is Taylor Sheridan. He’s built up enough of a resume to have some flexibility. It is one of the reasons why the remainder of Yellowstone season 5 could end up being longer than first planned!

With that being said, we would be surprised if the prequel ends up running more than eight. From the start it seems like the plan was for this to be a two-season show; meanwhile, the flagship has had a far more tumultuous and unexpected run as of late. Its possible change to episode count could be more of a result of pivoting in order to suit the story.

Instead of expecting more than eight episodes, we’d just say this: There’s a good chance that many of these episodes could be long — perhaps over an hour, even!

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Do you think that 1923 season 2 is going to be locked in at around eight episodes?

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