The Way Home season 2 spoilers: Chyler Leigh talks huge scene

The Way Home season 2
Photo: Hallmark Channel

There is a new episode of The Way Home season 2 coming to Hallmark Channel tomorrow night but for now, we’re looking further on down the road.

If there is one way that we would describe this show, it is as a series of emotional milestones incorporated with sci-fi / fantasy — or, to be specific here, time travel. This is a new concept for Hallmark and yet, on this show, it works. We saw Kat finally see Jacob on this past episode, only for everything to fundamentally change with him being arrested for treason. That’s something that (hopefully) will be resolved in the next episode.

Later on this season, it seems like what may be front and center is the relationship between Kat and her mom Del. In speaking on it to Collider, here is some of what Chyler Leigh had to say:

“There’s a scene that Andie [MacDowell] and I have — it’s in either Episode 9 or 10. I’m not gonna say anything about it, but it’s a conversation that I wish I could have had with my mother. They’re the words that I wish I could — I’m gonna cry, but I wish I could have heard her say. We did my coverage of the scene in three takes because it’s almost like I couldn’t do it anymore because it literally was everything. Each time, I was absolutely devastated. And so that being the case, it was like, ‘Wow, these are those moments where I can kind of go, okay, shake it off.’ I can actually close this little teeny tiny Alice in Wonderland door. I can go, ‘Okay, alright. Maybe that’s what I needed to hear.’ Personally, maybe that’s something that I needed to be able to connect to and let it go.”

Based on what we know about this show, it feels like there is one thing we can accurately predict — we will all know what this scene is when it airs. You will feel it through Leigh’s performance, but there is also a lot of great stuff still on the way.

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