True Detective season 5: What will we learn in March 2024?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

Now that we know that a True Detective season 5 is official over at HBO, it does bring us to the next question. What more do we stand to learn about the show moving into the near future?

Of course, it would be great to at least have a slight inkling as to what the future of the franchise will look like this month — even if we recognize that the actual future of the show is really far away, this would serve as a nice little road map!

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Unfortunately, the reality here remains as follows: There is a good chance that we are not going to learn anything more at all through the rest of the year. This is one of those shows that often does take a long time in development because you are basically devising a brand-new story with an entirely-new cast. Writer / director Issa Lopez will need time to figure all of this out.

Also, there is another thing to consider here as HBO is almost certainly not going to rush this along. 2025 is a rather stacked year for them already in between The Last of Us, Euphoria, The White Lotus, and then also potentially The Hedge Knight: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. This is a show that can come in 2026 without any sort of complaints or problems.

Now, of course we’ll be disappointed if we didn’t see the show back until 2027. Given that these seasons are so short and there isn’t a lot of post-production required in terms of special effects, why should we be stuck waiting for some egregious / ridiculous period of time? If the creative needs that long to get together, then so be it. Otherwise? It’s a pretty clear cause for frustration.

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