Blue Bloods season 14 episode 3: How did Lenny Ross die?

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We knew entering tonight’s Blue Bloods season 14 episode 3 that Treat Williams’ character of Lenny Ross would be written off. The legendary actor died last year, and we imagined coming into the season that the show would find a way to pay proper tribute.

So, at the end of the day, what did they decide to do? Let’s just say that they found a way to tell his story largely through his daughter Tess.

At the start of the episode, it was revealed that Tess had been arrested, and that she went on to play her courtesy card after the fact. This led to Frank paying her a visit, where she revealed that Lenny had died the night before following a fight with cancer. Tom Selleck’s character had just spoken to him two weeks before, and the whole thing came as a surprise.

Tess pleaded with Frank to let her go, but he resisted, claiming that he wanted to honor what he thought his longtime friend’s wishes would be in such a situation. So much of this story was really all about what would the right thing be in this situation. Do you have sympathy on Tess for her falling back into her alcohol addiction after her father’s death, or do you follow the letter of the law? Is there a middle ground here at all?

What did Frank eventually do?

We know that he is a stubborn man, but the thing here is that eventually, he often comes around. What Tess was looking for here was not necessarily just bail. It was emotional support and a shoulder to lean on. That is what he did work to correct, and he paid her a visit at the end of the episode to the bar she worked at. Also, he invited her to family dinner.

As for Tess’ case, it does seem like she will be okay — while there’s still a chance she could go to prison, he provided her with a card for the best defense attorney he knew.

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