Death and Other Details season 1 finale: Will anyone else die?

Death and Other Details season 1
Photo: Hulu

Given that the word “death” is within the title of Hulu’s Death and Other Details, it feels fair to assume more is coming. That is especially the case given that the finale is right around the corner and it is a two-episode event.

So, now that we’ve spelled all of this out, are there characters we should be worried about? After losing Katherine, we certainly feel that way — just as we also think there’s a good chance that a lot of them could be confined to a singular generation.

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Think about it this way — Alexandra, Llewellyn, and Katherine all share a commonality in that they were around as adults back when Imogene’s mother was killed. Obviously, the death of Llewellyn was a little different from the other two, but they all have Viktor Sams’ fingerprints all over them. Because of this, we do not think it is some super-crazy thing to assume that we could also be seeing a character like the Kingmaker in jeopardy next, at least provided that he is not Sams himself. (He has to be a suspect.)

As for Lawrence dying, we have to consider that possible, though he may also not be much of a threat in his current mental state. Celia seemed to be a part of the plan to take the Colliers down, so we do think that she should be safe … at least so long as we are accurate in our line of thinking here. It is possible that someone like Anna could be taken out to throw us for a loop. Would the writers be willing to kill off Rufus? He was around way back when … but we’re not sure they would want to take Mandy Patinkin off the board for a possible season 2.

In a lot of shows, death is meant to be a surprise; here, it would be almost more of a jaw-dropper if everyone lives to see another day.

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Who do you think could die during the Death and Other Details finale?

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