Death and Other Details season 1 finale: Who is Viktor Sams?

Death and Other Details season 1
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As we prepare to see the Death and Other Details season 1 finale on Hulu in just a few days, all eyes have to be here on Viktor Sams … right?

Well, let’s just say that there’s a lot of evidence that this storyline could be wrapped up in the final episode of this season. With that being said, though, there are a lot of possible suspects still on the board and that is what makes this particular situation so layered and complicated.

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Just think about it like this for a moment — Katherine, Llewellyn, and Alexandra are all dead, and these are three people who could have considered suspects in some shape or form. Meanwhile, you can argue now that Lawrence does not have the mental capacity for the job.

Well, the biggest issue moving forward is that the Kingmaker automatically feels like the top suspect, mostly because there are not a lot of people who were around at that time who are a part of these circles. Could you still argue Celia Chun, or at least someone within the Chun family who we have not seen as of yet? Sure, but you could say the same thing about Imogene’s family — it is possible that Kira is still alive, but it’s also possible that there’s some other family member who has taken on the title.

Now, the craziest theory of all

Is Rufus actually Viktor Sams? It would almost invalidate everything we saw in the flashback episode, but it’s long felt like Mandy Patinkin’s character is keeping some of his cards close to the vest. The big question here is what he may be trying to hide … if he is hiding something at all. He may just not be a particularly vulnerable guy.

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Who do you think Viktor Sams will be moving into the Death and Other Details season 1 finale?

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