The Traitors season 2 episode 10: The downfall of Phaedra Parks?

The Traitors season 2
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We knew entering tonight’s The Traitors season 2 episode 10 that Phaedra Parks was going to be in pretty big trouble. After all, it was hard to imagine otherwise! This is a woman who has had a target on her back for a while, and for a wide array of reasons.

So as we consider her downfall at the end of tonight’s installment, it really feels like there are a number of factors to blame here. For starters, there’s a reason why she clearly has been upset at Dan for a while. He really got people thinking about her in a way they weren’t beforehand, and she was never fully able to shake that. Meanwhile, her own mistake was that she was probably a little too calm, and there were a couple of people she really should have taken out a bit earlier including Sandra and Trishelle. She made the move to break apart Peter’s alliance and while that made sense, at a certain point it may have been good to consider other targets as well.

As we move forward from here, Kate is interestingly the only Traitor still around — but there is someone thinking about her already in Sandra! Sandra is also one of the people who helped take out Phaedra, just in case you needed another reminder as to how she plays. She’s always aware of her surroundings, and she certainly seems to know the right time to start to speak out a little bit more.

Of course, with Phaedra gone now Sandra could easily be the next person targeted, and so could Trishelle. Interestingly enough, CT just seems to be sitting back with nobody altogether worried about him. Is he easily poised to have the best chance of winning the whole thing? It feels that way, especially since Kate could be taken out at the very end of the season.

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