Death and Other Details season 1 episode 8: Is Katherine dead?

Death and Other Details season 1
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Who would have thought that Death and Other Details would kill off yet another character so close to the finale? We’d already lost in recent weeks Alexandra and Llewellyn; now, you can seemingly add the Collier family matriarch Katherine to the list.

At the end of this week’s new episode, we ended up seeing this character, face down, in a pool with her own blood rippling through the surface. She seems to be gone, and we have to assume that she is yet another victim of one Viktor Sams. It certainly fits the central villain’s MO, as they are out to take out powerful and corrupt people — or, at least so they claim. There is still something about them killing Keith Trubisky that feels off, largely because they should be smart enough to know that Keith was actually Rufus’ assistant Danny — not someone who would be the sort of person they’d target.

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This is the sort of death that could threaten to undo almost everything aboard the ship, especially since it could send everyone else in the Collier family reeling. Will that happen to the point where they start to turn on each other? It’s at least something we are wondering, provided how much they really know about each other.

Here is where things get all the more interesting

Who is Viktor Sams? There aren’t a lot of people out there who seem capable of it now. Consider that so many people who were alive at that time are now dead. Meanwhile, Lawrence Collier (who seems to be responsibility in Kira Scott’s death) no longer has the mental capacity to be able to handle the responsibilities of being Sams. The list of suspects is getting progressively smaller — does it have to be the Kingmaker by default?

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