Quantum Leap season 2 finale: That huge Ben, Addison twist!

Quantum Leap season 2
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As crazy as the two-hour Quantum Leap season 2 finale was from start to finish, we still imagined there would be a crazy cliffhanger. How could there not? This was an episode that allowed us an opportunity to see a lot of surprises and in the end, that included a massive butterfly effect.

Thanks to what Ben was able to do getting through to Jeffrey / Gideon, he was able to change all of history. As a result of that, the team had a chance to bring him home … albeit at a cost. In order to bring him to the present, someone else had to become a leaper. This is where Addison volunteered, as she realized that she was the only person who felt like the right replacement. She trained for it and beyond just that, she knew everything that Raymond Lee’s character did for her.

So, did the plan work? Well, let’s just say that the simple answer here is not so much. The good news is that Ben and Addison are reunited. However, they are together in the past. Seemingly, they could leap together … but will they? Are they necessarily going to go to the same places? We tend to think they would, mostly because that does allow the show to do something a little different and not make itself too crazy.

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Martin Gero made it clear that bringing these two characters together does open the door to all sorts of other possibilities:

“[Ben and Addison’s] ability to physically occupy the same space, and having gone through a year of learning, it really blows open the doors for us as to what to do … We’re not going to do what you think we’re going to do with it. I really feel good about where our Season 3 could go, in a surprising and fun way.”

Of course, this does not mean that we’re going to see a season 3 — that is still something that is up to NBC. We just want to be hopeful…

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