True Detective: Night Country finale: Kali Reis on Navarro’s ending

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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What happened to Evangeline Navarro at the end of True Detective: Night Country? Was she really there with Danvers?

Ultimately, what was so spectacular about the end of this season, at least to us, is just how ambiguous so much of it felt. Sure, there were answers, but also some pseudo-answers that can bring out whatever reaction you want. Take the aforementioned story with Kali Reis’ character. She managed to find justice for Annie K., and seemingly learned what happened to everyone at the Tsalal Research Station. She found a sense of peace that she never quite had in her life.

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So how does Reis herself feel about the ending of the show? Speaking to Deadline, the actress indicated that she did not want to pin down any one interpretation as to where her character went — or, if she was really there with Danvers in that final scene:

I left it open. I think her sister was the one thread holding Navarro together. Navarro wouldn’t go all the way off the deep end because she had somebody to worry about. So once she’s gone, there’s nothing else holding her. She can go off the deep end. She can beat the s–t out of these guys and not even care. She can just dive into things. So I like to think that regardless of her decision to walk into the ice like her sister does, I don’t think she does that. I think she just goes off into a place where she can be herself without any responsibilities. And if she did either walk into the ice like her sister or stay around, the only person she would ever come back to see, whether it’s in the spirit world or physical world, would be Danvers.

We do think that above all else, the end of this story is freeing for both Danvers and Navarro both. For the first time in years they can breathe and maybe let go of some of their trauma. Even if it still lingers, it is left in a slightly different place.

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What do you take away from Navarro’s story during the True Detective: Night Country finale?

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