Death and Other Details season 1 episode 8: After that Celia reveal

Death and Other Details season 1
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As you get prepared to see Death and Other Details season 1 episode 8 on Hulu next week, it feels like we’re entering a different world.

After all, just take a moment and consider what we got at the end of the story tonight! We learned that Imogene’s mother was actually set to be a whistleblower on what was going on in the Colliers’ factories, and the powerful witness that she had was none other than Celia Chun. As it turns out, everything that we’ve seen with the show in the present connects back to so many years before. That makes things so much more complicated than you may have expected, and it opens up a ton of possibilities when it comes to the oh-so-mysterious Viktor Sams.

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Here is what we can say right now about the story of Death and Other Details season 1 episode 8 — the title is “Vanishing,” and the synopsis below gives you a much better sense of what’s ahead:

Blackout. Three dead bodies. Everyone’s terrified. The secrets unravel like Christmas presents. And Imogene confronts her mother’s killer.

Is there a chance that Celia killed Imogene’s mom Kira? You could argue that, but where is the motive? It seems like the two were going to work together. The more likely scenario here is that someone found out more of what was about to happen and with that, killed the whistleblower before she could get the story out there.

Of course, none of this explains how Celia was able to accumulate a lot of the money that she has since so many years ago. There are so many questions that need to be answered here, but we do at least think that a few more bits and pieces will be coming our way soon — plus that big reveal about the mom.

What do you most want to see moving into Death and Other Details season 1 episode 8?

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