‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 17: Why contestants, timing are biggest flaws

Dancing with the StarsAs this past season of “Dancing with the Stars” came to a close, there was one thing that became pretty clear: The show needed a fresh coat of paint. The ratings have been falling pretty dramatic, the format has become dull, and it certainly doesn’t feel like there are any sort of new viewers watching that are in the 18-49 demographic.

When ABC announced earlier this month at the upfront presentation that the show was going to be back, but only one night a week, this felt like very bad news for the show. Why? It was ABC submitting that the series had some sort of problem, and the fat of the results show were going to be trimmed down to the point where the show was just once a week.

If we were in the position of network programming head, and also the executive producer of the show, there are three key issues that we would look at addressing before putting the show on the air at all.

1. Reboot … or no reboot at all. We don’t honestly think that going to once a week fixes anything, and it just exacerbates the problem. “So You Think You Can Dance” changed that. The producers would have been better off just having one season a year, and hoping that distance made the heart grow fonder.

We also don’t like the idea that the show is looking at a couple of new pros and judges. You either have to keep things as they are, and hope that your dedicated viewer base stays around for a while longer, or just reboot everything and start with a new panel, new dancers, a new look, and a new attitude.

2. Casting – We would rather see only eight or nine C-level stars than ten or twelve D-level stars. The truth is that there aren’t people that bring in enough of a fan following on the show anymore. While some viewers complained about Bristol Palin, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Kate Gosselin, the viewing figures in their first seasons proved that people were interested in watching them dance. You need this sort of controversy and or stars that appeal to a younger demographic.

3. Leaving Monday nights – This was perhaps the biggest mistake ABC made this spring. Why not, in building your schedule, decide to shift the show away from “The Voice”? The premiere ratings were the strongest of the year by far, and it was clear that it was because “The Voice” wasn’t on the air. Put something in this spot that doesn’t have the same crossover audience.

What do you think should change if “Dancing with the Stars” wants to enter the promised land yet again? If you want to take a look at some of the newest rumors surrounding the judging panel, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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