True Detective: Night Country episode 6: EP on season 1 callbacks

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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As so many of you know at this point, True Detective: Night Country episode 6 is going to serve as the season finale. Is it going to be surprising?

Well, we know that for a good chunk of the season, there have been plenty of theories out there surrounding plenty of things, whether it be what happened to Annie K. or the meaning of the connections to season 1. Take, for example, all of the implementations of the spiral, and then also the spirit of Rust Cohle’s late father Travis.

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So is there a deeper meaning to all of these things? We’re willing to at least argue that the spiral is meant to be an augmentation to what it meant in season 1, but that isn’t something that you should read too much more into — at least for the time being.

Speaking per the Independent in a new interview, showrunner Issa Lopez noted that one of the big reasons for the tie-ins was, rather simply, to make people feel like it’s a shared universe and little more:

”It’s very important to me to say the world where Dora Lange died in 2007 in Louisiana is the exact same world where the scientists disappear in 2024. So how do you establish those realities? Just to say, ‘This is the same world.’

“… While you’re creating your situation in Alaska, and the father of [Rust] died in Alaska, you mention it … Then it turns out I need a symbol that signifies to these characters that they’re in the proximity of the beyond – well, there’s a symbol that did that in the first season. I’m not going to put a triangle in this one.”

One thing that is important to remember is that Lopez was actually working on a murder-mystery show set in Alaska before HBO even talked with her about making it into True Detective, so this very much was a merger of worlds. We’d be surprised if there is a more direct reference to past seasons in the finale, but you also never know…

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