‘Mad Men’ season 6: A look back before episode 9 (video)

Mad MenSo why is it that Don Draper cannot get over Sylvia? This something that was explained somewhat in last week’s “Mad Men” episode “The Crash,” as you saw him struggle to the point where he would even sit outside her door in hopes of just hearing her voice. Jon Hamm’s character has attached her to some sort of memory from his past, and while he may not even realize it, his refusal to let go is connected in so many ways to his struggle to do so himself many years ago.

In the video below, both Hamm and show creator Matthew Weiner provide some sort of insight into how Don is spiraling now, and how these flashback sequences, including a traumatic first sexual experience are starting to show why he is exactly the way that he is, and also why his viewpoint when it comes to his physical relationships with women is so skewed.

On the subject of some of the primary supporting roles, there is also some other valuable insight in here for those of you looking for a greater understanding of the Peggy or Ted characters this season, and how they are both struggling with trying to adjust to their new environments.

Unfortunately, this video also in a way helps to further illuminate our major criticism of this season, that perhaps it is too subtle for its own good. We almost learned more listening to the direct explanation in this clip than we did during the episode, and when you consider that it is only 10% of its length, that is not exactly a good thing.

What do you think about this video, and do you expect to see more of this Sylvia struggle moving into Sunday night’s episode? If you want to also check out some more details about what is coming up on the show, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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