True Detective: Night Country finale: The aftermath for Pete Pryor

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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We are well-aware of the fact that the True Detective: Night Country finale is going to contain a wide series of huge events. There are two separate cases that need to be solved, and that may say very little about the tension between those and Ennis and those running the mines. Then, you have all of the demons from Danvers and Navarro’s past, and that’s without even mentioning what just happened with Pete Pryor.

At the end of this past episode, Finn Bennett’s character killed his own father. He did it to protect Danvers, and also because he could say how far his father was willing to go to do some terrible things regarding Otis. There is no doubt that this will be a situation that alters him for the rest of his life.

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Is Pete now doomed to be in perpetual misery? It would be easy to argue that, but in a new interview with Vulture, Bennett himself noted that season 4 writer / director Issa Lopez ultimately helped him to see another side:

The only other two people who know are Danvers and Navarro. He can’t tell his wife or anything. He has to live with that. Pete, through the whole series, up until this point, represents a good cop who is doing a lot of legwork for Danvers. One of the saddest things for me is that he becomes a dirty cop. It’s done in the saddest way, with the original sin of patricide. It’s biblical.

Because I was being very melodramatic about it, I went to Issa, and was like, “I think he’s ruined after this. I think he becomes like his father. He becomes lonely. Maybe his wife and kid leave him.” She was like, “Personally, I don’t see it like that. I think you’re being melodramatic.” What I love about Issa’s writing so much is that all the characters go through this mammoth event and they come out on the other side, injured but seeing the light. While Peter will bear this weight, he’ll be okay.

The important thing with Pete is that he does have people who love him, and also people who may understand at least some of what he’s going through. Sure, his relationship with Kayla is in tatters now, but will it be forever? We don’t think everything is permanently suspended; heck, in the world of Night Country, even organisms in the permafrost can be extracted.

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