NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Looking at a Danielle Bradbery – Michelle Chamuel finale

The VoiceCould the one thing stopping a young country / pop sensation from winning “The Voice” season 4 being a crowd-pleasing performer with a love for the electronic genre? If we had to pin down a possible showdown for the season finale right now, this is the situation that we would be looking at. Only three artists will likely make it into the final round, and thanks to the data that we’ve been seeing from the iTunes charts as of lately (which contributes to a big part of the overall vote tally), some of the results already feel as though they are pretty obvious.

We’re using this data as the #1 piece of evidence that we have in supporting our placement of artists, but we also have to take into consideration performance quality, and whether or not the singer is actually consistent enough to make it all the way to the end of the season.

8. Amber Carrington (last week: 5) – It’s strange to rank a singer as good as Amber last on the list, but she hasn’t done anything in the past few weeks that is on the level of her “Stay” cover. She needs a big performance to remind people that she is just as good, if not better, than the other women with the big voices in this competition.

7. Sasha Allen (9) – The best thing going for Sasha right now is that she is the last person on Shakira’s team, meaning that she is someone that will be able to get her full support. (It’s almost ironic at this point that she is not someone that she even picked in the first place.) We had fun with “Next to Me” last week, but this is the time that she needs to tear the roof off of the studio and remind everyone she is a powerhouse.

6. Judith Hill (3) – We’ve tried as hard as possible to say that Judith is a favorite on the level that her pre-live rounds hype justified, but we’re not seeing it with the iTunes sales. She probably has a solid voting block of people who are not frequent music buyers, but as we saw with Trevin Hunte last year (who received a similar amount of hype), that will really only get you so far.

5. Holly Tucker (8) – Holly got a huge lift last week from singing a religious song at a time of crisis during the Oklahoma tornadoes in which there may have been many clinging to religion. It’s a new week, and it now becomes a different challenge for her. The longer that she, Sasha, Amber, and Sarah are all in the competition, the quicker one of them could be surprisingly booted from the show.

4. Sarah Simmons (6) – Sarah looked vulnerable in the live rounds, but she has managed to very quietly position herself as someone who really should be watched out for in the competition. Her vocals are powerful, but more importantly we’re starting to really get a sense of who she is.

3. The Swon Brothers (2) – Expect these two to get an emotional lift this coming week, likely with a pre-taped package about what’s going on in Oklahoma. They are also the only guys left, and we have to believe this, coupled with their gifts as natural entertainers, will play well into them receiving a mountain of votes.

2. Michelle Chamuel (4) – The reason Michelle is ranked so high this week is that more so than being just a great performer on the show, she has proven to be a fabulous storyteller with her voice. She’s found a way to use this as a way in which to get people interested in what she has to say, and Usher is going to now be pouring his complete and undivided attention into someone who he was surprised picked him as her coach to begin with.

1. Danielle Bradbery (1) – She’s #1 on the iTunes charts so far this season, and she has two of the top covers in “Maybe It Was Memphis” and “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” We don’t really know what Blake Shelton’s pint-sized teen country singer can’t do, and she has his entire fan-base seemingly behind her. Pending some sort of catastrophe or a series of bad weeks, she’s close to being a lock for the finale.

Who is your favorite now on “The Voice”? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below! Also, if you want to hear the new song from season 3 champion Cassadee Pope, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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