True Detective: Night Country episode 5: Any more Tuttle clues?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

As we prepare to see True Detective: Night Country episode 5 on Max tomorrow night, why not talk about the Tuttles? Or, to be more specific, are they going to find another way to enter the picture?

Based on what we have seen so far on this series, the biggest thing that is clear is that they have their hands in a lot of pots. Tuttle United owns countless companies, and we also know that they, through a shell company, are responsible for the Tsalal Research Center. Are they controlling the research? Is that something to be concerned over?

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For a while now, one of our larger concerns has been that the Tuttles, through whatever they are doing, are trying to use the discoveries made under the ice to ensure that they are able to further the human race at a cost. Or, who is to say that they are really trying to help anyone with this research into potentially curing diseases?

One of the other major question marks we have at present is simply one pertaining to the mines — is it possible that Tuttle United also owns that? Sure, we know that Kate may be the boss of it, but that doesn’t mean that she is the sole owner. We do think that there could be a connection there and have for a while.

What does Tuttle United really mean?

Well, this is a deliberate callback to the first season of the show and the Tuttle cult, which led to the indoctrination of many people into committing horrible acts. While Childress was defeated by Martin Hart and Rust Cohle, there are many remnants of the family still out there. We don’t necessarily expect the rest of Night Country to go far down the season 1 rabbit hole, but there could be other connections here and there.

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Do you think we will hear about Tuttle United again moving into True Detective: Night Country episode 5 on HBO?

Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back — there are more updates very much on the way.

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