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Based on what we saw on tonight’s Chicago PD episode, it is clear that things could be different for one Dante Torres moving forward.

Over the course of “Escape,” we saw the character (played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar) return from furlough and go undercover in order to infiltrate a drug operation led by Rafael Perez. As it turns out, things behind the scenes are far more complicated than they first seemed, and some of that was due to Perez’s wife Gloria (Yara Martinez), who is certainly active in the business. Torres brings her in and works to flip her as an informant, but they still aren’t able to get Perez at the end of the episode. The case remains open and as a result of that, we tend to think there is much more story to tell here.

There is another fascinating angle to consider moving forward: The clear connection that exists between Gloria and Torres. They share some of the same challenges and a dark past; they also shared an intimate moment in the installment’s final moments.

So what can we take away from this episode, and what lies ahead? We were happy to break this down further with Aguilar in part two of our interview.

Matt & Jess TV – What is it that Torres sees in Gloria?

Benjamin Levy Aguilar- She is like a mirror to him and he doesn’t know what to do with that. He wants to take care of her, but she challenges him in so many ways and there’s a push and pull. I don’t think either of them was expecting this to happen, but it was like a magnet. You can’t seem to get rid of that [connection]. Then, when the ambiance and the vulnerability is there, things happen.

I’m sure after this episode there will be people who want an update. Will we see Gloria again? Have there been conversations?

There have been conversations. We will see Gloria again, and I am excited to see Gloria again and see how he is able to navigate that.

I know Torres doesn’t open up to everyone, but is there anyone he can really turn to about all this?

That’s a good question. In this episode, we don’t really see him open up and I don’t think he does. In the next [few episodes] if he were to open up to anyone, I would assume it would be Voight because of the last moment we saw of them together in [season 10] episode 21 where he shared about his past.

Other than that, maybe no one — Torres seems like someone who has major trust issues. Maybe if Jay Halstead was still around, he would, but I don’t know about anyone else.

Can someone teleport Jay Halstead into the show again?

We’d love that for many reasons, but nothing has been reported about a return as of yet.

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