‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9: Lucy Hale and other guest stars who must return

How I Met Your MotherThis fall, “How I Met Your Mother” will mark the beginning of the end with the start of its final season, and it also begs the important question of just how many guest stars can this show fit into 24 episodes, especially when they are themed almost entirely around one wedding weekend? This is a season full of loose ends, funny in-jokes, and hopefully also callback to some of the great people who have appeared on the show over the course of its life.

All of this does lead to us asking the following question now: Who among these people is the right fit to come back for more? We’ve come up with nine people who would be great returning guest stars for upcoming season, and they all are chosen either for relevance or comedy purposes.

1. Katie (Lucy Hale) – Robin’s little sister, who has somehow disappeared off the map entirely over the years. Granted, Lucy’s a busy young woman thanks to “Pretty Little Liars”, but if you can get her, you can also get the following person on this list.

2. Carly (Ashley Benson) – Even Barney and his half-sister are not super-close, it really makes sense for Carly, like Katie, to be at the wedding. Plus, one more conversation with her token “old guy” in Ted would be hysterical.

3. Jerome (John Lithgow) – We’re assuming that Frances Conroy will be back as Barney’s mom, and we’re trying to use this list more for guest stars who either haven’t been see in a while, or need the actual exposure. Like with the two above, the issue with John is simply his schedule.

4. Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) – Considering that she was married to The Captain, and he is still a part of the show, it does make sense for Jennifer Morrison to film a reprisal more so than some other Ted exes.

5. Victoria (Ashley Williams) – Meanwhile, Victoria is just one that we feel like we almost need to see something more of, given that Ted has done her wrong more than most of the other women that have been in his life over the years.

6. Brad (Joe Manganiello) – Marshall may need some advising as he learns to be a judge, and how to tell Lily that he does not want to go to Italy anymore. Given that ladies love Joe Brad’s abs, couldn’t he lend a helping hand?

7. Sandy Rivers (Alexis Denisof) – Would Robin invite Sandy to her wedding? We don’t know, but given that Alexis is married to Alyson Hannigan, it is potentially a get that the show could pull off.

8. Arthur Hobbs (Bob Odenkirk) – There may not be too much relevancy in bringing back Marshall’s old boss as GNB, but it’s Bob Odenkirk! How do you not bring him back?

9. Cindy (Rachel Bilson) – If Cristin Milioti is going to be a series regular for the final season, wouldn’t it be nice to find out a little bit of information about her past? Since she did live with Bilson for a time, this is a good way to have the “Hart of Dixie” star back for one more go.

Do you agree with our choices, or want someone else back on the show? We want to hear all of your thoughts below!

Photo: CBS

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