The CW’s ‘Cult,’ ABC’s ‘666 Park Avenue’ and ‘Zero Hour’ get burnoff dates

CultFor those of you who loved the three series mentioned in the title, we have some good news this weekend: While these shows are making their homes int he TV graveyard, their respective networks will at least let them air out the rest of their episodes.

Let’s start with “Cult,” mostly because this is the show that we thought could actually have been successful had it aired at a proper time on The CW … and one with some sort of promotion behind it. Luckily, you’ll get a chance to watch it at the end of next month. In a post on Twitter creator Rockne S. O’Bannon shared that beginning on Friday, June 28, “Cult” will air two episodes a week for three weeks in a row, before wrapping up its run on July 12. We have no idea how the series finale will work, and whether or not there was a decent conclusion to the story filmed.

Meanwhile, ABC is moving two of their already-canceled series to Saturdays. “Zero Hour” will return on June 15 with a two-hour premiere, and then will settle into a 8:00 p.m. slot the following week. At that point, “666 Park Avenue” (if anyone remembers it) will start airing at 9:00 until its run is also complete. Out of these shows, the latter had the most promise, but unfortunately just didn’t have the quality behind it to match the buzz or the amazing Terry O’Quinn as a part of the cast.

The only good news that we have to share now? That O’Bannon has landed a new role for himself on the NBC series “Revolution,” where he will have a good chance to show off all of the creative strength that no one had a chance to see.

Photo: The CW

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