True Detective: Night Country episode 4: Is Julia dead?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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We had a feeling that True Detective: Night Country episode 4 could bring us some big swings — even still, we didn’t anticipate being so shocked!

Yet, in the end, this is precisely what we had over the course of this week as the show killed off Evangeline Navarro’s sister Julia in one of the most painful ways imaginable. It has been known for most of the season that Julia has her fair share of mental-health challenges. However, at the same time she had been brought to a center to help her after being found by Danvers early on in the episode. This is where things took yet another turn.

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Julia’s death has some immediate and clear similarities to what happened to several of the Tsalal scientists, mostly in that she disrobed, folded her clothes neatly, and then took a journey outside. In her case, she walked all the way into the ocean, where she eventually drowned. Navarro was called by the news and as a result of that, was almost instantly in a state of devastation. She struggled and struggled leading up to the end of the episode, where she and Danvers found Otis and there, she saw an image of a half-frozen Julia.

How Julia died adds another layer of complications to this case, mostly in that all of a sudden, it is not entirely clear just how the scientists died if she met her end in a similar way. Is this evidence that something from the lab has spread throughout the community like a disease? If that is the case, is that something that everyone will eventually have?

Based on what we saw this time around, we certainly will say this: You do have a sense of urgency like we never have before in this world.

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