The Way Home season 2 spoilers: Chyler Leigh’s epic tease

The Way Home season 2
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We are two episodes into The Way Home season 2 at this point, and we already know that the show has taken some big swings. We’ve seen of course time-travel, but also heartache, big twists, romance, and then also family drama. Is Kat going to have a chance to eventually find Jacob? We sure hope so, but there are a lot of struggles that could come her way first. Some could be in the past, and of course others may surface within the present.

Obviously, Chyler Leigh has a chance to understand more of these stories than anyone, given that she is front and center for a good chunk of it as the aforementioned character. We’ve seen great stuff so far, but based on what she had to say to TV Guide recently, it feels like some of the best may very well still be to come:

Oh gosh, people have no idea what’s coming. I love the fact that Hallmark has entrusted us with taking bigger leaps and bounds. Even the fact that last season, when Colton died, it was the first death onscreen for Hallmark. This season, when Kat gets shot and launched into the water, you actually see blood in the water. That’s spicy Hallmark. I have to give Evan his due credit [for coining this term], it’s not necessarily sci-fi this season, it’s sci-cry.

We’re going to turn theories on their head. Kat’s going to be torn in many ways between her life in 1814 and her current life, and she’s got a lot of cover-up that she has to do. With the new characters coming in, it definitely amps up the emotional stakes. But at the same time, one thing is answered and it opens up another five questions. You’ll want to get your Hallmark wine, your coziest blanks, your Kleenex, a buddy to snuggle with, one of those stress balls, and a pair of running shoes so you can take a run afterwards and shake it off. Oh man!

Ultimately, we certainly don’t think that season 2 has to be the final one either; after all, remember that this is a network that has kept a good chunk of their shows around for several seasons! We do think that there is a lot more room in here for further time-travel but in the end, still some great family moments. The Way Home wants to really be a show that gives you a little bit of everything.

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