Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 4: Is Henri behind the deaths?

Monsieur Spade season 1
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As we get ourselves prepared for Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 4, the whodunnit is going to continue in some different ways. We may know a little bit when it comes to the monk who actually killed the nuns, but who were they working with?

Ultimately, there are some interesting ways to think about this mystery. We’ve learned from the Church in episode 3 that this monk was a part of a potentially dangerous sect, and they may have been acting on their behalf. From our vantage point, said sect has to be connected to one of the show’s main characters. If that is not the case, are things anywhere near as interesting?

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The easy argument to make here is that Philippe is the one tied to the sect, largely based on the fact that he has been acting and/or operating like some sort of supervillain for a pretty long time now. He clearly has a dangerous past and has been operating with a lot of bad people.

However, shouldn’t we also be paying attention to Henri at this point? When you think about it, he is one of the suspects who actually makes the most sense here all things considered. This is a guy who is around Spade a lot right now, and has shown a capacity and willingness to be at the very least extremely creepy. Is he capable of a lot more? We wouldn’t rule it out, largely because it feels like there has to be a larger reason why he has gotten so much airtime.

Beyond Henri, it’s hard to think of too many non-Philippe direct suspects here. Jean-Pierre feels way too reckless, George has already had a different sort of big reveal, and some other characters are almost too under the radar here.

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