‘Game of Desks’: Did Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Game of Thrones’ spoof work for you? (video)

Game of DesksWe admit that there are not many times in which we find ourselves getting particularly enthused about any sort of TV spoof on a late-night TV show enough to stay up and wait for it to air. Typically, they are cheesy, and don’t have the production values needed to go viral and stay there for weeks on end.

This is where “Game of Desks” is different. Jimmy Fallon has been hyping this bit up for weeks, posting images and talking a little about what we can expect from it. Now that we’ve actually seen it, what is our overall impression? It was a funny take on the hit show, and of the world of late-night television. More importantly than that, the video took advantage of every opportunity it was given. For one, we weren’t quite sure that Seth Meyers was going to be involved in the battle at all, despite him being very relevant to a story about an “Iron Desk” and multiple people fighting over it. However, he turned up in the closing seconds along with another cameo from Jay Leno.

Meanwhile, it was interesting to see Fallon play both the Sean Bean and Emilia Clarke characters, and having the Roots as the Night’s Watch was a nice touch. ┬áSo many good little clips were included in here, and it’s hard to be anything other than grateful for staying up late to watch it.

Overall, what’s your take on the “Game of Desks” bit: A great spoof for both Jimmy’s show and the HBO hit, or a waste of hype? If you want to also check out Jimmy’s recent ripping of Anthony Weiner, be sure to head on over to the link here.

For those of you looking to watch the clip, we’ll have it for you as soon as it is made available in full online.

Photo: NBC

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