‘Arrested Development’ season 4 spoilers: Check out four brand-new clips

Arrested DevelopmentWe wonder how many people out there are going to buy a month-long subscription to Netflix, binge-watch the entire fourth season of “Arrested Development,” and then send the service once again on its way. The company came up with what is by our estimation a brilliant model for customer acquisition. We don’t know how many new customers they will receive just to watch this show, but even if just a small percentage of them stick around for more than just a month, it may just be the best ad campaign ever (even if they did have to pay a good chunk of change for these customers).

It was also a pretty smart move to decide to launch the new, fourth season of the show over Memorial Day Weekend since it’s a time when there is absolutely nothing happening on TV, and they really have the day to themselves. People being able to watch whenever they want really negates having to check out a show in prime-time when you could be out at your barbecue.

Just in case you were not already excited about this show (in which case we question hour sanity and/or sense of humor), the following four clips should serve as a way to whet your appetite leading into Sunday. None of them are very long, meaning that we’ve probably had yawns longer than them, but a little bit of comedy is still better than nothing, right? Watch and enjoy. We’re personally hoping for this to be a success, at least so that Netflix serves as a good landing spot for canceled series that deserve another chance at having new episodes (see “Firefly” or “Pan Am,” otherwise known as two of our biggest laments).

If all of this is not enough for you, there is also another trailer for the show online that you can check out over at the link here.

Photo: Netflix

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