True Detective: Night Country episode 3: How did scientists die?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

Obviously, there are so many different questions to ponder over as we prepare for True Detective: Night Country episode 3. There is the matter of Clark’s whereabouts, the mystery surrounding Annie K.’s death, or whether or not everything in Danvers’ personal life is about to crumble.

For the sake of this piece, though, why not shift the focus almost exclusively to the dead scientists? We know that they were all frozen within the cold in Ennis, Alaska, but that does not mean that this where they were killed. As a matter of fact, the preview for what lies ahead indicates that they were not killed because of simply the ice.

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So what is really going on here? Absolutely there is a lot to think about here, starting with the fact that these characters could have been poisoned. There is no evidence at the moment of blunt-force trauma on the bodies and with that in mind, we tend to think that the victims never saw this coming. Them being poisoned makes the most sense, especially when you consider the fact that they were all in a remote research station, one where they are often eating the same food as each other. It makes them being hit by a common ailment all the more likely.

If this is the case, though, it furthers along the idea that this was planned out in advance by Clark … but what does that mean when it comes to his sudden reaction in the premiere? It looked like he snapped, which is the furthest thing from premeditated in a lot of ways. Things are going to be chaotic, both now and also in the near future. We just hope that you are prepared, just as like you can prepare for more questions.

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What do you think really happened with the scientists on True Detective: Night Country?

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