The Bachelor premiere: Joey Graziadei ‘bummed’ at Lea letter twist

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Coming out of the premiere of The Bachelor with Joey Graziadei on Monday night, we will tip our cap to the leading man for one thing: Honesty. He is not afraid to talk about things that he likes and does not like about production, and that includes a twist thrown in there by production.

To be specific, we’re talking here about what happened with Lea and the letter. She did a really noble thing in deciding to burn it, allowing for a level playing field in the hopes that she’s get a one-on-one date because Joey wants it. Of course, this could also put pressure on Joey to give her one, and it does insert this strange dynamic into the show.

So what does Joey have to say about it in particular? Well, check out the following comments via TV Insider:

“When I found out what was inside that card, I was a little bit bummed … I think my biggest fear from it was that I didn’t want it to be something that had a lot of control over the show.

“I think the biggest part was just trying to make her feel better at that time, because I could tell that she was very distraught from when she was opening it … So my focus really wasn’t on me. But after I kind of knew that she was doing OK and it was in her hands, I was able to sit back and be like, man, I wish that wasn’t something that could possibly affect the experience.”

Do we think that this is a twist that somehow changes the rest of the season? Absolutely not, but we more than recognize what it must have been like to be in that moment. Everyone expects something out of you, and that is one of the big issues that comes with being the lead of this show.

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