True Detective: Night Country episode 2: Is Clark still alive?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

Without question, we anticipated that True Detective: Night Country episode 2 was going to have its fair share of reveals. Did you still expect what we got at the end of tonight’s episode? We certainly didn’t, at least in regards to Clark.

Is there a chance that this member of the Tsalal Research Center is still out there? It certainly feels that way, judging from the fact that his remains were not identified in the ice at the end of the episode. We’ll admit that when we did not hear his name called fairly early on amidst the investigation, we were wondering what exactly that meant. It took us a little while in order to get that answer.

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With that being said, we don’t think that this is anywhere near the end of the mystery in regards to this Clark character, whose writings revealed a number of unusual markings and scribbles that seriously invoke much of the darkness that existed within season 1. That’s without even diving into the spiral tattoo, which makes you wonder if he is connected some how to the Tuttle – Wellspring program that we first learned about all the way back in season 1.

Clark’s disturbing behavior traces back so much further — in particular to that trailer that we saw close to the end of this episode. It’s another reminder that whatever he was up to, it is something that he has been doing for quite a long time. Annie, in his mind, may have been just a part of a larger puzzle or plan. If he is still out there, he may be trying to do something else equally shocking. Where does he strike next? That’s a big question, but we would be worried if we are anyone in Ennis at this point. Under a constant cloud of darkness, there is potential for someone to make a shocking move at any given moment.

Moving forward, one thing is clear: Danvers and Navarro seriously have their work cut out for them.

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