True Detective: Night Country episode 2: Will Rust Cohle appear?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

Is there a chance that True Detective: Night Country episode 2 will actually end up featuring an appearance from Matthew McConaughey? We know that this is the sort of theory that loves to get tossed a lot of the time, and we should note that this is not the first time such an idea has been thrown around during a season.

However, just because an idea is being thought about does not make it into a reality. There may be a couple of connections between season 4 and episode 1, but it is all more theoretical than actual.

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Take, for starters, the idea that Travis is Rust Cohle’s father. we know that his father lived for a long time in Alaska, and it is not all that hard to ponder about this. Add to this the simple sign of the spiral, something that Rust knows rather well. If Danvers or Navarro wanted to call in someone familiar with that, why not call him in? What does make the spiral interesting here is that you could argue that this is a copycat and that the killer / killers is aware of the past. Or, you could say that the cases are all spiritually connected.

If the producers managed to somehow fly McConaughey up in secret to Alaska to shoot a few scenes, we’ll give them all the credit in the world. For the time being, though, there is no real evidence of it. At present, we just tend to think that all of this is fascinating and fun to think about. In some way, after all, these seasons are connection. It is just hard to understand the reasoning or the themes. This show is dark, and twisted, and there is that idea that very bad people are going to do very bad things over and over again.

After all, is time a flat circle? Well…

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Do you think that we’re going to be seeing more of Rust Cohle on True Detective: Night Country?

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