Found season 2 spoilers: Show EP on Gabi, Sir dynamic

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As we await the premiere of Found season 2 on NBC at some point down the road, it is clear that several things are going to change. How can they not? Sir is now out in the world and because of that, he could be infinitely more dangerous.

Based on the closing minutes of the finale, something terrible could be happening to Lacey. We don’t think that Sir would kill her, mostly because of the reaction that Gabi would have to that. However, there is potential for a lot of other stuff to transpire as a result. In speaking on this further to TV Guide, here is some of what showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll had to say:

[The show is] still based around Gabi and Sir; it was always a constant power play between the two of them. It was the case in the past timeline, where she’s the one that’s in captivity and he has her in the farmhouse. And even then we saw, “Oh, she was a fighter. She refused to lose herself in her captivity.” And in the present day where it was flipped, and now he was held captive and she was the captor, Sir has not lost his sense of identity. Even as she stripped away all that was important to him, there has always been a constant battle of power. That does not change.

The only difference is now, neither of them are in captivity. Both of them are out in the world. That just means they’re playing that cat-and-mouse power dynamic in a bigger playground. But that dynamic of the show is not going to change.

Our feeling is that Sir is still going to find a way to manipulate Gabi or, at the very least, show that he has value within his life. This is the really difficult thing that she has to try and manage. She absolutely does not want him around and yet, she realizes that his presence has helped her to close cases. With that, it can be hard to let him disappear entirely into the wind.

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