Chicago Fire season 12: When is Kara Killmer, Sylvie Brett leaving?

Chicago Fire season 12
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As many of you may be aware at this point, Kara Killmer is leaving Chicago Fire at some point during season 12. With that being said, when will it be?

We should note here, first and foremost, that the circumstances surrounding Sylvie Brett’s possible exit from the show remains unclear. Our hope is that she heads off to Oregon to be with Matt Casey, especially when you think about how the most-recent season of the show concluded.

For now, just breathe easy that she is not departing the series within the relatively near future. We are going to have a chance to see her turn up through at least a significant chunk of the season, and our feeling is that the producers are going to try and include her as much as they can. After all, we’re talking here about one of the most popular cast members the show has! Why would they want to send her off early?

Our think is that we’ll (fingers crossed) have Brett for at least the majority of the 13 episodes and whenever she does depart, it will probably be promoted in advance. Given that the news of her exit has been out there for a good while now, this is not something that the network or the producers have to shy away from. They should go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity that is here in order to generate as many viewers for the series as possible. There is no guarantee of a season 13, so you really should want to get some of the numbers to a great place in advance. Anything otherwise, to be frank, doesn’t really make anywhere near a whole lot of sense.

No matter how Brett exits this show, let’s just continue to cross our fingers that the door will be open to something more for her in the future.

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