Found season 1 finale cliffhanger: Is Lacey going to die?

Found season 1
Photo: NBC

If you watched the Found season 1 finale on NBC tonight, there’s a good chance that you are left to scream at your television. After all, is Sir about to take someone close to Gabi out of the picture?

The moment that Sir escaped the infamous basement (and right before Gabi was about to make some drastic changes), it was clear that he would have his eyes set on Lacey. He holds a lot of anger and blame towards her and in the closing seconds, it was clear that he was 1) watching her and 2) planning his next move.

So is Gabrielle Walsh’s character about to be killed off? There’s a chance of that, but we don’t think that we can necessarily look at this situation as something that simple, especially when you consider how Sir feels like Gabi needs him. That relationship is messy, complicated, and ultimately a key component to the show. We have a hard time thinking that it is going to be going anywhere in the near future.

We don’t tend to think that Sir is leaving the picture now after the finale, but does the dynamic totally change if he has Lacey? Don’t be shocked. In general, one of the fascinating aspects of a show like Found is how it is going to be able to keep this going while also within the realm of reality. At a certain point you would just assume that Sir is either dead or in prison, but neither one of those necessarily serve the show well. The closest thing you could get to this would be something akin to Silence of the Lambs … but we will have to see if that’s something we get at the end here.

For now, just pick your jaw off the floor after that emotional of a story.

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