True Detective season 4 premiere: Is Travis a ghost?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

We knew entering the True Detective season 4 premiere that we were going to get a lot mysteries. That felt inevitable.

Yet, what are all of the bigger mysteries at present? Well, for starters, you have the murder of “Annie K.,” a woman whose case, per Danvers, would never really be solved. In her mind, the Native American woman was destroyed by the town of Ennis, Alaska itself.

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However, did we end up learning in here that it was her tongue at the scene of the crime in the Tsalal Research Station? Well, that’s something that Navarro thought was the case. Danvers relented on the idea at first, though it seemed to be due to their checkered history more so than anything else.

Now, remember that at the research station, we ended up learning that a number of scientists vanished without a trace. They seem to have been gone for a couple of days. There is clearly something that drew them away from that environment, but what was it? That’s one of the big questions that we have to wonder at present. Is it supernatural? Maybe, and you could argue that it is tied in some way to Travis, the supposedly-ghostly figure who has been seen throughout the community.

Is Travis really a ghost?

We have a hard time thinking it is entirely that clear. This show can tow the line of supernatural, but we tend to think it is more psychological than anything else. We tend to think that Travis represents something, but what? It could be sins of the past, or something that characters have tried to repress in general. Rest assured, this is something that will surface again in due time.

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