Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 2: ‘Our pasts our portable’

Monsieur Spade season 1
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Next week on Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 2 on AMC, we are going to see some more surprises and revelations.

First and foremost here, we can say that Clive Owen’s Sam Spade has a significant mystery that he is looking to address: Who killed the nuns? What really happened to Philippe? These are things that we have to wonder, at least for the time being. Luckily, he is one of the most capable people to solve all of this based on his past.

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Entering the trailer for what lies ahead, we get the sense that there are a lot of different storylines that are going to be addressed, with the biggest one being the deaths of all the different nuns that we saw at the end of the premiere. Who did this and, beyond just that, why do this? There is something else that you have to wonder about, given that this is such a heinous, gruesome crime.

There are a number of people around Sam that he will need to investigate. Take, for starters, the likes of Jean-Pierre, who experienced a great deal of trauma in the war. Given the arguments that he and Marguerite have had, it is fair to wonder a little bit about his temper.

Given that this is only a six-episode series, we do believe that things are going to have to move quickly. One of the things that we learned from The Maltese Falcon here is that sometimes, the killer can be hiding in plain sight. The motives are always intentionally unclear as well, and that is another key part of the equation. The line “our pasts are portable,” which we hear at the end of the trailer, seems to be especially important. Be aware of that.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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