The Good Doctor season 7 promo: The beginning of the end?

The Good Doctor season 6
Photo: ABC

Earlier this week, the news first came out that The Good Doctor season 7 was going to be the final one over on ABC. Isn’t it easy to still be emotional over that? We’ve seen so many emotional highs and lows over the years and as far as we can tell, there are a number of them that are still going to be coming up.

In order to better prepare yourselves, why not take a look at the latest preview?

If you head over to the link here, you can get a much-better sense of what exactly it is that we are talking about here. Note that this preview does not give an extreme amount away about the story to come, and there is at least a certain percentage of it focused more on what we have seen in past seasons of the Freddie Highmore series. Nonetheless, it is still easy to be excited for whatever path that is going to be carved out over the course of the next few months. Shaun and Lea are now parents, and that is at least one of the things that is emphasized in the new footage that we see for what lies ahead. This is a new wrinkle in their lives that they will have to figure out, and there are going to be struggles along the way.

Because this is the final season, obviously every story has so much more weight. That includes whether or not Shaun and Glassman can repair their relationship, or whatever is going to be coming up with the leadership of the St. Bonaventure Hospital. Hill Harper is not coming back as Dr. Andrews, so someone else will be stepping up to the plate!

Remember that The Good Doctor season 7 will premiere on Tuesday, February 20 on the aforementioned network; there will be more to say in due time.

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Based on this preview, what are you most hoping to see on The Good Doctor season 7?

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