Echo season 2 renewal: Do early Disney+ numbers give hope?

Echo season 1
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Is there an added bit of optimism now that an Echo season 2 renewal could happen down the road?

We will start off this article with a little bit of honesty — going into the start of this series, we honestly were not altogether hopeful about the future. Why would we be? The promotion was not on paper to some of the other Marvel shows as of late, and we know that the comic-book company has been struggling somewhat with movies like The Marvels and shows like Secret Invasion failing to live up to a lot of initial expectations. There was no real reason to sit back and think that this show was suddenly going to do great.

However, this is where it is nice to say that it is fun to be surprised here and there. The viewership for the first five episodes, per Deadline, are enough to allow Echo to premiere at #1 on both Disney+ as well as Hulu, outperforming some other recent hits. This does not guarantee a season 2 by any means, but it does give us more hope.

We do think that in the end, it was a smart move to give everyone all of the first season at once here, especially with it only being five episodes. It makes for an easy binge, and having that Netflix – Marvel nostalgia in here with Fisk and Daredevil helps. Can the same be said for the mature rating? We do think there is a real market for this, especially with a lot of the big-budget projects from the series feeling a little too similar at the end of the day. It probably made some more sense for them to go in other directions here and there.

There probably won’t be any sort of quick decision made on the future of this show — with that in mind, let’s just say to be on the lookout.

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