Why did Joey Bada$$ leave Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Unique?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 3
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Why did Joe Bada$$ leave Power Book III: Raising Kanan on Starz? You may be watching the episode tonight and understandably, still wondering about this. Why did Unique have to die?

We know that in theory, there is always a chance that the character miraculously rises from the grave. Then again, there have been people who have said the same for years with Ghost. There’s no doubt that Unique was a fantastic character and it was an absolute joy to watch him.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that you do have to note here. For starters, this is a show where a lot of people are going to eventually die. It may not be something that we want, but that does not make it any less inevitable. We are talking here about a show where a lot of people are going to die. We don’t see most of these characters in the present-day timeline and unless they all just skipped town, there’s an inevitability to the story being told. Also, Joey himself had some complications due to his music career and everything else that was going on. It doesn’t mean he wanted to leave the show, but this is someone trying to balance two different careers and that’s an incredibly hard thing todo.

The one thing that almost certainly IS going to come from the death of Unique is that it could potentially embolden his brother Ronnie to do even more murderous things moving forward. The entire second half of the season could be increasingly chaotic, especially since we see this particular death as this sort of catalyst event that will cause things to move and shift around in a number of different directions.

Let’s just say this: We hope that Joey continues to get acting gigs. He certainly proved himself when it comes to his talent.

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