Teen Choice Awards analysis: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ vs. ABC’s ‘Nashville,’ ‘Revenge’

Teen ChoiceNow that we know the full list of the TV-related nominees for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, we’re kicking off a new feature here designed with one purpose in mind: Trying to analyze some of the choices, allowing you to predict the winner, and figure out whether or not the right shows were nominated in the first place. Of course, we do have to do this somewhat with the fan-base in mind since the TCAs are not going to suddenly recognize “Homeland” or “Game of Thrones.”

We’re starting things off with the “Choice TV: Drama” category, which is an interesting mix. You have a low-rated show that ended last year, two cable sensations, a show that we didn’t know so many teens watched, and one that just ended its first-season run on Thursday night.

The nominees – “Gossip Girl” (The CW), “Nashville” (ABC) “Pretty Little Liars” (ABC Family), “Revenge” (ABC), “Switched at Birth” (ABC Family)

The runaway favorite – You really have to say that it’s “Pretty Little Liars” in this case. It is consistently the most social of any series of its kind when it comes to Twitter mentions and trends, and these are the people that are voting online. To stop the win of Hanna, Spencer, and the rest of the gang, one of the other shows is going to need to mount a massive campaign. During its heyday “Gossip Girl” could have done it, but we’re not so sure now that it has been over for a while.

Who should win – We’re sticking on ABC Family, but with a different choice in “Switched at Birth.” Despite a far-fetched premise, this is the series that has shown the most heart out of all of the ones on the list. Plus, having an entire episode done via sign-language is a pretty darn inspiring thing to do, and should be commended by one awards ceremony … mostly since the Emmys tend to ignore anything from a network with “Family” in its name.

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